Stealth Dyslexia: Cognitive and Achievement Profiles of Gifted Students with Dyslexia

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About My Research:My research explores a clearer, more precise way to identify gifted students with dyslexia using the regular tools that most psychologists use. Neurological research points to the importance of early intervention before reading problems, as well as social and emotional problems, become more profound and entrenched. This study looks more closely at the diagnostic criteria for dyslexia in a gifted population and points toward more useful ways to identify these students.

Why I’m participating in the 3MT: I am participating in the 3MT competition in honor of my father, who passed away last year. He was a brilliant man who could take very complex topics and make them understandable. I also hope I will be able to share my 3MT video with my friends and family who have asked what my research is about.

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