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DiversiWe is an ongoing training series in multicultural competence for mental health professionals hosted by students and faculty of APCE, a department within the College of Education and Behavioral Sciences at UNC. Through activities such as panel discussions, case conceptualizations, and role-plays, students develop skills that allow them to more effectively work with diverse individuals. Overall, the objectives of the program were to: facilitate empathy for diverse individuals, generate understanding of how diversity impacts mental health, identify culturally sensitive interventions, cultivate cultural humility and sensitivity in mental health professionals, and promote the role of mental health professionals as social justice advocates.

The Assessment Mini-Grant were utilized to further refine and develop an assessment tool to measure the participant’s skills and knowledge resulting from attending our program. Additionally, funds were used to hire personnel to both facilitate the program and to identify various outcome measures that could enhance the effectiveness of our survey.


2018-2019 Assessment Mini-Grant