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General Chemistry (Principles of Chemistry I, CHEM 111) is one of the first course for the science majors when they enroll at the university. This course is seen as the gateway to the other chemistry course as presented in the diagram presented by Figure 1. Students learn concepts and techniques that are foundational for their future chemistry courses and potentially in their career. This course is perceived by the students being difficult and a gatekeeper. This course historically has high attrition rates and often times students are leaving the STEM majors due to the difficulty in managing this course.

There were two distinct goals of this research:

  1. Modification of the AEQ-S instrument to create an achievement emotion-measuring instrument for General Chemistry and studies of validity/reliability of the data generated. There is a need to provide psychometric evidence of instrument functioning each time an instrument is used and before any comparisons are made of responses to different versions of the instrument.
  2. Correlation of achievement emotions to the students’ performance in the general chemistry course. Exploration of certain groups (genders, races, and ethnicities) of students’ achievement emotions and performance in the course.


2022-2023 Assessment Mini-Grant