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The purpose of this assessment mini grant was to evaluate and modify the Field Assessment Form (FAF) allowing us to better serve a diverse student population with integrity. The FAF was created and implemented a decade ago and thanks to this mini grant has been updated taking diversity, equity, and the progressive change of education into account.

The FAF is completed during practicum and student teaching experiences for students in the Early Childhood, undergraduate Professional Teacher Education, and graduate Professional Teacher Education programs. The FAF is a School of Teacher Education evaluation tool. The FAF is a rubric evaluation that is intended to evaluate teaching in the elementary classroom, and it is utilized by the mentor teacher (the elementary classroom teacher where our student is located) and the supervisor (UNC faculty). The results are then shared with the student to improve teaching. The previous rubric covers criteria of content knowledge, instruction, assessment, classroom management, affective skills, and professionalism. These criteria were then evaluated on five levels: developing, partially proficient, proficient, accomplished, and exemplary. There are then indicators describing the specifics of what this looks like in the classroom. Students need to score in the proficient or above to meet Teacher Quality Standards demonstrating they have achieved this requirement for teaching licensure.

This assessment grant allowed the outdated FAF to be updated based upon stakeholder input in the form of focus groups and current research on evaluating preservice teachers. The primary purpose and goal for this project was to improve student learning through effective and efficient feedback given to students after watching them teach in an elementary classroom.


2022-2023 Assessment Mini-Grant