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Mild Traumatic Brain Injuries (mTBI) are caused by a blow to the head and have many severe consequences from amnesia and loss of consciousness to cognitive symptoms such as fatigue, pain, dizziness, light and sound sensitivity, blurry vision, and may even have vestibular symptoms like vertigo secondary to the injury. The purpose of this doctoral scholarly project is to investigate the overlap of mTBIs and vestibular disorders to understand and emphasize how audiologists can be a valuable member of a multidisciplinary team to help assess and manage patients who experience traumatic brain injuries. Audiologists can play a key role in diagnosing vestibular disorders that may otherwise be overlooked due to overlap in mTBI symptoms. Audiologists may also be the best professional to help provide treatment options such as vestibular therapy to help patients heal from a mTBI. Recommendations for future directions are included for integrating audiologists into a multidisciplinary team for managing patients with mTBIs.

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