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The purpose of this Doctor of Nursing Practice capstone project was to evaluate a structured rural smoking cessation program that integrated electric cigarettes as an additional option to other standard interventions. The aims of the program evaluation were to develop an evaluation design and methodology to guide data collection and analysis, analize findings, and provide recommendations regarding the current program and future usage or changes. The Donabedian and bridge evaluation models provided the framework to evaluate the smoking cessation program, make recommendations for future applications, potential improvements, and determine elements of the program that should be continued in its current state. After obtaining Institutional Review Board approval, 44 participants were recruited to participate in the smoking cessation program evaluation. The results indicated 14 (32%) quit smoking and seven (16%) switched to e-cigarettes. Of the remaining 23 participants, 13 (30%) successfully cut down to less than half of their starting tobacco use level with the use of e-cigarettes. Of the 14 participants who quit, 10 used e-cigarettes exclusively and the other four also used Bupropion (two) or Chantix (two). Of the seven who switched to e-cigarettes, three used only e-cigarettes and four used e-cigarettes and Bupropion. Of the 13 participants who cut down to less than half of their starting amount of tobacco cigarettes, seven were only using e-cigarettes and six were using e-cigarettes and Bupropion. Program participants’ success rate at cessation or switching to e-cigarettes exclusively was double both the national and state averages of 21-24%, resulting in a significant harm reduction for patients and families. Recommendations from the evaluation included continuing the program with modifications to educational materials and follow up strategies, using different types of staff for implementation, and using the program as a model for other agencies or organizations.


Electronic cigarettes; Smoking cessation; Tobacco use; Donabedian model Bridge evaluation model


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