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Doctor of Nursing Practice

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Scholarly Project

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Workplace Violence (WPV) is an increasing problem throughout healthcare. Violent events are most commonly attributed to patient-nurse interactions due to the amount of time nurses spend with patients and because nurses comprise the majority of the healthcare workforce. The majority of the current literature on patient-to-nurse violence focuses on the Emergency Department and psychiatric care settings, revealing a gap in our understanding of this phenomenon in clinical areas such as the Intensive Care Unit (ICU). Nurses who provide care in the ICU may be particularly susceptible to WPV due to high patient acuity and other environmental stressors. Clinical pathways are commonly used to translate evidence into practice and are an evidence-based tool utilized by healthcare providers to manage a variety of clinical situations. There is currently no clinical pathway that details the management of violent or potentially violent patients in the ICU. Therefore, the purpose of this Doctor of Nursing Practice (DNP) scholarly project was to develop a clinical pathway for the management of violent or potentially violent patients within the ICU setting through the synthesis of a comprehensive literature review and input from a panel of expert stakeholders using the Delphi Method. In addition, a detailed pilot testing plan for the pathway after completion of this project is proposed.


workplace violence; clinical pathway; Intensive Care Unit; nurse

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