The Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Collection supports UNC’s vision element “Empower Inclusivity” by highlighting works that seek to acknowledge and celebrate the experiences of historically marginalized communities. The DEI Collection is intended to educate and inform, facilitate dialog, and spark engagement in a way that advances efforts to honor all voices and identities at our institution and beyond. If you want your work to appear in this collection, contact


To learn more about UNC’s commitment to DEI, see the Division of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion website and the University Libraries Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Statement.


Submissions from 2023


Learning to put people first: Cultural humility, funds of knowledge, and information literacy instruction with first-generation students, Darren Ilett

Submissions from 2021


"We're Gonna Figure This Out": First-Generation Students and Academic Libraries, Juliann Couture, Jimena Bretón, Emily Dommermuth, Natasha Floersch, Darren Ilett, Kristine Nowak, Lindsay Roberts, and Renae Watson

Submissions from 2020


Walking a Mile in Their Shoes: Designing Inclusive Surveys to Level the Playing Field, Margarita Shawcross and Wendy Highby

Submissions from 2019


A Critical Review of LIS Literature on First-Generation Students, Darren Ilett


First-generation students’ information literacy in everyday contexts, Darren Ilett