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The use of learning management systems (LMS) in higher education continues to grow, yet research into the impact of the amount of engagement on student outcomes is still developing. This dissertation investigated the relationships between student engagement and student outcomes in the blended learning environment of Saudi Electronic University. It used data from LMS activities self-reported by students with special attention to whether gender played a role in the level of engagement and quality of outcome. This dissertation used a quantitative method to analyze the correlational relationship between the perceived amount of time students spent hourly participating in LMS activities and student grade point average (GPA). Furthermore, this dissertation measured the perceptions of students' level of online engagement utilizing the Students’ Engagement Questionnaire. The participants were 246 students from Saudi Electronic University. Results indicated no statistically significant difference between genders regarding their online engagement. In addition, no significant relationship was found regarding students’ grade point average and online discussion, audio discussion, and virtual lecture. However, a statistically significant difference between genders was found in their perception of the number of hours spent per week on LMS activities. Therefore, Saudi Electronic University must encourage instructors to use more multimedia such as video conferencing and audio discussion to enhance students’ critical thinking and engagement in LMS activities, thus improving students’ outcomes. Keywords: Learning management system (LMS), Students’ Engagement, blended learning, and LMS data activities

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