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Library Instruction West 2018

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The limitations of one-shot library instruction have birthed innovative techniques by librarians that include the use of embedding and flipped-learning models. The implementation of these techniques requires buy-in from and relationship-building with teaching faculty, and is accompanied by variables that fluctuate widely between disciplines, personalities, and teaching styles. Via collaboration that aimed to emphasize the research process in an Argumentation & Debate course (COMM 211), a liaison librarian and Communication Studies professor developed a playful approach to the research process that also informs the process of moving one-shot library instruction into more engaged models. The original concept, which uses the acronym “NINJA”, guides students through research from navigating a topic to appraising their final product. When the approach is applied to embedding librarianship, the same steps act as a road map in the adventure of collaborating with any teaching faculty in order to more fully integrate library services and information literacy into their courses.

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Librarian-Faculty Collaboration; Embedded Librarianship; One-Shots

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