Critical Race Theory: Teacher Beliefs on the Implementation within the Curriculum


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Spring 3-23-2022


Within the past 20 years, more light has been shed on the fact that the American educational system is systematically oppressing those of minority groups and those who are not neurotypical (Mustaffa, 2017; Gillborn, 2015). Critical Race Theory (CRT) is thought to be an in-depth look to the injustices and inequities that are embedded within the American socio-political and economic systems. CRT plays a large role in many students lives, and although it may not affect all of them, the majority of kids need to know that their teachers are trying to understand those barriers to learning, yet there is limited access and even restrictions surrounding teaching about this topic. The purpose of this qualitative inquiry was to directly ask teachers how they felt about CRT and what their opinions surrounding implementation within the curriculum were.

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