Jules Black

Exhibit Images

Artist's Biography

Jules is a painter currently studying at the University of Northern Colorado and will graduate in May 2020 with a background in painting, ceramics, and metalsmithing. While she always incorporates acrylic paint, she uses various supports to apply it to. Currently, she is working on using bisqueware sculptures to become physical renditions of her previous canvas paintings. She plans on attending graduate school in a painting program. Stay tuned!

Artist's Statement

Through the use of color I express the emotions and sensations that are a daily part of my life living with bipolar disorder and PTSD. Acrylic painting with canvas, bisqueware, and collage helps me both reflect on myself and communicate with others. I use symbolism and complex color palettes as my primary tools to offer an ambiguous meaning that the viewer decides how to relate to. Objects and figures that are present is an avatar for the event or emotion being depicted, being a pure representation of what I was feeling from my perspective. These avatars exist in an environment composed of light and color, but there is little else that grounds them in reality. This emphasizes that the painting represents something disconnected from physical reality, indicating something like a dream or thought. This lets me communicate abstract concepts that are difficult to verbalize and share. Through this, I hope to open the door for conversations about mental illness, and give others the confidence to talk about their experiences.

Publication Date

Spring 2020