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V.S Crush


Nichol Marquez

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Artist's Biography

Nichol Marquez is a native Colorado artist currently pursuing her degree from the University of Northern Colorado with a B.A. in Studio Arts with a concentration in painting. She finds enjoyment in painting and creating crafts that brings joy to others. As part of her final semester at UNC she has work shown at ART from the Heart Show at the UNC Mari Michener Gallery and the annual Student Show. Aside from Painting, Nichol also works on hand lettering; as well as event decorating. You can always find her in the studio covered in paint, sewing, or working on a new project for the next event that she is involved with. She will finish her coursework in the Spring of 2020. She works as an Acrylic Painter with a focus on contemporary objects and places that have influenced her throughout her life. Nichol currently resides in Greeley, Colorado where she has a home-based studio.

Artist's Statement

I paint images of contemporary places and objects that have influenced me throughout my life. V.S. Crush was created for a series of paintings that shows the items I use in my routine of getting ready for the day. Putting on perfume is usually the last thing I do before I feel ready to leave the house.

I start each painting with sketching directly from the photograph to the canvas. To show my style which is loose, rough, and painterly. I use very few paint brushes to complete the work. Because of Acrylic Paints fast drying time I quickly mix the paint on the canvas and once it's slightly dry I use another brush to mix in more paint and create a texture.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

V.S Crush