Taking the Shirt -- TOM


Taking the Shirt -- TOM


Madeline Bobo

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Artist's Biography

Madeline Bobo was born in La Mesa, CA and grew up in Colorado Springs, CO. After studying abroad in Italy, she became inspired and began creating conceptual work. She is an interdisciplinary artist who enjoys creating work about her life experiences and making connections with people throughout her artistic process.

Artist's Statement

My work portrays my personal narrative based on learning experiences during my travels, interpretations associated with synesthesia, and reactions to emotionally charged moments in my life. I utilize various mediums including performance, digitally fabricated objects, acrylic paint, watercolor, fiber, acrylic sheet, and photography.

Wearable art, whether as functional pieces or components to a performance, allows me to become part of the visual representation and to step into a memory again. When it is off my body, viewers envision themselves wearing the pieces and experience a narrative in a personal way through their own perspective.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Taking the Shirt -- TOM