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Various Works

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Growing up in Northern California, surrounded by nature, and a mother who was a self-taught artist, Catherine knew her path was in the arts. She takes inspiration from the forests of her past and the desire to capture an emotion in time, creating Ceramic and Photographic art. She creates utilitarian pieces in ceramics that nod to her childhood, as well as story like Photographs of families and single subjects.

Artist's Statement

Starting from a young age I was captivated by a perfect moment in time. Something that I could look back on and remember, for the rest of my life. Something that I could pass down to people that are left after I am gone. These wishes to capture that moment lead me to start on the path of Photography. I wanted to capture pure emotions of the world around me, the perfect smile, the most romantic sunset, and the bluest waters of the ocean. It all started as simply wanting to remember my vacations, but then it turned into a deeper hunger that I needed to fill. I wanted to capture others in their environment, and I want to find out who someone really is and reveal it to them. I take photos of people to create a sense of wonder and create a story that exposes their hidden side. I make a point to have a narrative in my photographs so that it's not just the subject that you're looking at but the whole journey that person took. I enhance colors and explode the saturation to imitate an almost dreamlike quality. Recalling my most intimate moments from when I first began Photography, that hunger to capture the pure emotions of the world, it allows me to create a story, and an intimacy with my subjects.

Publication Date

Spring 2020

Various Works