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The purpose of this study was to assist educators, students, and families, in understanding the advantages and disadvantages of participating in competition dance training as it exists in private studios. The researcher evaluated perceptions of competitive dance training through the lens of nine high school aged dancers who participate or did participate in such activities, with a goal of uncovering how this training experience affected them and what they thought about it. The research instrument used in this study was an electronic survey that included questions that produced responses that were analyzed either quantitively or qualitatively, depending on the nature of the data produced. Limitations to this study include the survey questions, number of participants, and the survey demographic. The survey was created by the researcher in an attempt to be unbiased, but was not tested for validity or reliability. This study included nine dance students. Along with the limited number of participants, the selected subjects also created a demographic that lacked diversity. Lastly, the participants generally were involved for a similar number of years in the activity addressed in this study, and were around the same age. At the conclusion of the study, the data suggested that though students have had both positive and negative experiences with competition dance, they are open to other dance training options, in order to advance their technical abilities and explore their creativity.

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