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The purpose of this study was to investigate the mental and emotional benefits of dance in young adults. The researcher directed and produced a free, one-day dance workshop that served as the format for the research event. The study involved sixty-three dance students, ranging in age from fourteen through twenty-five, including all years of high school, college, and post-graduation. The classes offered as part of this study were geared toward the joys of dance, setting and attaining goals, having an open, growth mindset, and being self-confident. The study incorporated both qualitative and quantitative research as a means to answer three essential research questions. Q1 In what ways does dance present itself as an integral art form, particularly for young adults? Q2 What mental and emotional benefits occur when young adults study dance? Q3 Will young adults benefit from dance being more accessible? The study demonstrated the mental and emotional benefits of dance. By participating in the dance workshop, the participants benefitted in several ways that included: increased mental stamina and memory, increased self-confidence, joyful self-expression, emotional exploration, setting and attaining goals, and taking on new challenges. The data gathered from comparing and contrasting the pre- and post-questionnaires and observation rubrics and the immensely supportive evidence elicited from the exit interviews illustrated the mental and emotional benefits of dance.


dance; young adults; teenagers; high school; self-confidence; mental health; emotional health; dance education; dance benefits

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