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The purpose of this research was to investigate any mental and physical benefits that Pilates Exercises might have on dancers’ alignment. The researcher collected quantitative and qualitative data to answer these four research questions: Q1: How can a dancer’s alignment be measured to see change after ten Pilates Classes? Q2: Can Pilates bring a dancers’ body closer to ideal alignment in ten Pilates classes? Q3: What do dancers notice differently in their dancing after having been taught Pilates? Q4: What are the benefits of having proper alignment as a dancer? The researcher examined the effects of the Pilates exercises on ten advanced dancers in terms of their responses to determine if the four research questions were answered. The dancers were taught the Basic Ten Pilates Method exercises for ten weeks and given the opportunity to answer pre and post questionnaires along with participating in anatomical alignment measurements. The information gathered was analyzed with the aim of understanding the dancers’ experiences and any anatomical changes. The findings suggested that adding Pilates to a dance teaching curriculum or personal dance training can only be beneficial. The findings also suggested a dancer’s physical alignment and mental awareness is positively affected through the Pilates training. The information gathered can serve as a resource for teachers and dancers in creating a safer and healthier career for oneself or their students.


Pilates, Dance, Alignment, Anatomy, Somatics

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