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Over the Garden Wall, a television miniseries that aired in 2014 on Cartoon Network, is a distinctly American fantasy in the young adult genre. It is comprised of ten episodes, each set in a different historical period. The music of the series was written and performed by The Blasting Company and drew from a variety of historical influences, including Sacred Harp singing, ragtime, early jazz, Stephen Foster, Balkan folk music, and classic cartoons. The music serves several purposes throughout the miniseries: it helps set each episode in its respective historical period, aids in character development, and moves the narrative forward. Additionally, the consistent musical referencing of classic cartoons generates a feeling of familiarity for the teenage audience, and assists in transmitting the lessons of Over the Garden Wall. Ultimately, the miniseries contains many valuable themes for people of all ages, including the facing of mortality and the importance of family.


Over the Garden Wall; animation; music