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This historical study sets out to investigate the teaching philosophy and career highlights of an influential pioneer, Julia Etta (Ettie) Crane (1855-1923). With aims to offer the full scope of Julia E. Crane’s life, teaching practice, and her contribution to American Music education, the purpose for this research is to encourage similar studies in the area to broaden the specific body of knowledge that might already exist, but update and further examination for accuracies. At a time of progressive political reform and social movement, music teaching was gathering steam from acceptance in public education. A sweet and charming soul admired by all who knew her, Crane pushed boundaries as a pacesetter to advance an innovative idea and unprecedented step to establish the first school dedicated to public music teacher training in the United States. Secondary literature reflects the practical philosophy and moral value of a forward-thinking educator, singer, and conductor, who understood the immense benefit that children would receive when taught by a confidant music teacher equipped with quality performing skills and trained to teach with abundant pedagogical resources. Furthermore, this study fosters discussions in which Crane impassionedly expressed her standpoint of the use of the metronome as a pedagogical tool and her view on the ultimate end of public music teaching. Overall, this historical study closely examines Crane’s music endeavor through the connection of Julia E. Crane’s childhood life in the tight-knit town of Potsdam, her writings, and my guided tour at the Crane School of Music. Photos and interviews from a distinguished librarian and a well-informed museum curator/researcher were invaluable additions to this research process, which aims to gain understanding and perspective on Julia E. Crane’s idealized intuition at a particular point of time in the past.

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historical, music, pioneer, Crane, Potsdam, public, training, metronome, ultimate end




Crane School of Music; Potsdam, NY;


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