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Exercise has become an important part of cancer rehabilitation as the incidence of breast cancer is increasing and the mortality rate is decreasing. Breast cancer chemotherapy treatment induces a physical demand on the body while exercise counter balances symptoms of chemotherapy treatment. The purpose of this investigation was to determine the effects an exercise intervention has on breast cancer survivors who have received a single chemotherapy drug versus combination chemotherapy drugs. A secondary purpose was to determine any differences in chemotherapy categories. Participants were chosen that had single drug treatment (n = 34) and combination drug treatment (n = 20). Groups completed a pre-physiological assessment followed by an exercise intervention. Following the exercise intervention, a post-assessment was obtained. The protocol for all assessments was the same for all breast cancer survivors, but each exercise intervention was individualized. Within single and combination chemotherapy groups pre- to post-assessment, results showed significant improvement(P<0.05) in pulmonary function [FVC% - Single – change (2.04%) and Combination – change (5.66%)] and [FEV1% - Single – change (3.87%) and Combination – change (6.60%)], chest press [Single – change (6.50%) and Combination – change (6.50%)], lat pulldown [Single – change (9.70%) and Combination – change (6.90%)], shoulder press [Single – change (9.20%) and Combination – change (9.75%)], and sit-and-reach [Single – change (0.40%) and Combination – change (0.55%)]. Resting heart rate was significantly (P<0.05) improved only in the combination group – change (-6.60%). The data suggest that exercise is beneficial for breast cancer survivors whether on a single chemotherapy drug or on a combination of multiple chemotherapy drugs. Additionally, no significant differences were found between chemotherapy categories or the interaction between therapy and drug categories.

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breast cancer; single/combination chemotherapy; physiological parameters; exercise


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