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Fall 10-2018


Faculty Fellows Workshop

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Creating a learning environment that supports all students can be challenging as there are numerous ways inclusion and exclusion manifest in the classroom; for example, student-student interactions, faculty-student interactions, course content, course policies, and assessment. While inclusive teaching gets a lot of attention on campus, these topics rarely get discussed in a manner that provides practical strategies for instructors to address course participants’ individual and cultural backgrounds and experiences. This panel brings together Dr. Raquel Wright-Mair, Dr. Rashida Banerjee, and Fleurette King, educators guided by the principles of inclusive teaching, to share their practice. Panelists will share how they create a classroom climate that values students’ varied identities and experiences, how they ensure that all students are set up for success, how they select course content and assessments that recognize diversity, and how they create accessible learning experiences.




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