Ursidae: The Undergraduate Research Journal at the University of Northern Colorado


Review Policy

Manuscripts submitted for publication in the URJ will be reviewed by at least one faculty scholar in a discipline appropriate to the topic of the submission. It is expected that all submissions will have been thoroughly edited by both the student author and the faculty advisor/mentor BEFORE submission. The reviewer(s) will forward a recommendation to the editors, and the manuscript will then be accepted for publication as is, returned to the author for minor to major revisions, or rejected as unsuitable for publication in the URJ. Please see the Submission Guidelines for more details on content and structural formatting.

Publishing Information

The URJ is published electronically, available via the web and is a fully open access journal. Authors must be undergraduates at UNC or must have conducted research considered for publication while an undergraduate at UNC. All works published in the URJ are published under an attribution, non-commercial, and share-alike Creative Commons license. Copyright is retained by the author. The URJ will have a spring, summer, and fall issue. The fall issue includes abstracts of student research projects which were finalists for Research Excellence Awards at UNC Research Day the previous April. The spring issue includes full text research articles which underwent the blind review process during the previous fall semester. The summer issue is a special publication dedicated to the University’s McNair Scholars Program.