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Ursidae: The Undergraduate Research Journal at the University of Northern Colorado

Please note: this journal only publishes work by University of Northern Colorado students. All other submissions will not be accepted.

Manuscript Submission and Review Timeline

1. Before submitting your manuscript, be sure to have your faculty mentor sign and the Faculty Approval Form.

2. Go to the My Account link on the journal homepage and create an account. Log in and select the Submit Article link. Upload your manuscript along with the Faculty Approval Form as a supplemental document. Your manuscript must conform to the following guidelines:

  • 25 page limit (does not include figures and references)
  • 12 point font; Times New Roman
  • Double spaced (abstract may be single spaced)
  • One inch margins
  • Cite and reference your work in APA, Chicago, or MLA format.

3. Upon submission, you will receive an email confirmation noting that you have submitted your manuscript and supplemental documents successfully.

4. After your manuscript has been reviewed by a faculty scholar, you will receive an email regarding your review status:

  • a. Accept Submission: Manuscript is accepted in its present form
  • b. Minor Revisions: Manuscript needs minor additions, deletions, or corrections.
  • c. Major Revisions Required: Manuscript needs a significant amount of corrections.
  • d. Decline Submission: Declined manuscripts will not be published.
    • Review Timeline

      • Submission Deadline: December 1st. All submissions will be sent to reviewers by December 5th.
      • Reviewer 1st Deadline: February 15
      • Author Deadline for Edits: March 28