Ursidae: The Undergraduate Research Journal at the University of Northern Colorado

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James M Gould


The purpose of this research was to assess obligated and unobligated time use among University of Northern Colorado (UNC) students within an average twenty-four hour day of the fifteen week semester. A convenience sample of 195 UNC undergraduate students completed a 19-item questionnaire composed of closed ended questions involving time allotments to obligated and unobligated activities. Results indicated that UNC students spend approximately the same amount of time in obligated and unobligated activity. Means testing across the seven time categories revealed no significant differences between male and female students. However, mean testing between upper classmen and lower classmen indicated that upper classmen devote more time to obligated activity (education and work) than freshmen and sophomore students. Overall, UNC students appear to differ little from national trends in time consumption among university students.