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Consumers in the United States may need to adjust their food demand due to food insecurity caused by climate warming events. Research has focused on how climate change impacts food supply chains and distribution; however, there was little research on how consumers responded to these changes. This study analyzed how consumers across the United States responded to food insecurity caused by crisis events (i.e. pandemics and climate change), how consumers shifted from grocery store vendors to local food vendors, and if migration or food miles may increase based on potential food shortages. One study was initiated through survey and a one-factor, two-level between-subjects experimental design to assess perceptions of food insecurity and food purchasing behavior. Further, the survey was designed in Qualtrics and administered via Amazon Mechanical Turk and a regression analysis was run via SPSS. The study was targeted to people in urban and rural areas in the Midwest, South, East, and West regions of the United States. Furthermore, participants were selected between the ages of 18-65 and there was a sample size of 195 participants, of which were paid $1.00 each.

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