Ursidae: The Undergraduate Research Journal at the University of Northern Colorado


Marisol Jurado

Faculty Sponsor

Jill Bezyak


Student academic success is a product of many factors, but it is important to investigate which factors are most influential when it comes to increasing student success. Recent literature investigates parental involvement as one of these factors, and evidence indicates that increased involvement typically results in increased academic success. The current study examined the impact of parenting, communication, learning at home, and volunteering (according to Epstein, 1997) on academic success. Participants included parents of 7th grade students who are involved in the Advancement Via Individual Determination (AVID) program at a school district in Northern Colorado. Parents completed surveys measuring the four components of parental involvement listed above. Data analysis compared these indicators of parental involvement to the students’ grades. Particular types of involvement showed correlations between increased involvement and increased success. Results from this study increase understanding related to the type and level of parental involvement that parents provide for children in this program, and its impact on their academic success. This contributes to possible improvement in the AVID program, along with further research in this area.