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Linda Leon


Many struggling readers at the elementary level benefit from additional tutoring to meet grade level standards. The purpose of this research is to evaluate the effectiveness of a one-on-one, prescriptive tutoring program designed to increase the reading abilities of an elementary student. This study seeks to identify the benefits of individualized tutoring to an elementary student identified as in need of additional support in reading. This study presents data regarding the tutoring of a female participant in the fourth grade, over ten, hour-long sessions from October to December of 2016. The prescriptive tutoring sessions were designed using results from a pre-assessment and various survey responses. Data from the pre-assessment were analyzed using an Identifying Interventions for Readers table. Data from the post-assessment, survey responses, observations, and participant work samples were also collected. Pre- and post-assessment scores were compared to look for increase, decrease, or no change in scores from the beginning to the end of the tutoring program. Observations and participant work samples were analyzed to track the participant’s progress across all of the sessions. Results showed that the participant exhibited the most significant gains in the areas of oral reading, silent reading comprehension, and fluency, but scores in the areas of evaluative questions and substitutions decreased. Overall, the one-on-one, prescriptive tutoring program was successful in targeting the participant’s areas of opportunity and facilitating improvements in reading. The results of this study may guide intervention and future research regarding elementary students in reading tutoring. Continued research on reading tutoring should help identify the most successful practices that most accurately target children’s needs in reading.

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