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Michelle Garcia

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The purpose of this study is to investigate the differences in persons with test anxiety (TA) compared to those without test anxiety to examine pre-test processing differences, specifically in terms of test preparation and study methods. This research is important to many individuals, as testing is a large part of education, and performance may affect a person's future opportunities. Further understanding of pre-testing differences in study methods of test-anxious students may lead to possible interventions to improve performance of those who experience TA. The research will collect data from 30 participants who will be administered the Cognitive Test Anxiety Inventory (CTAI) designed by Cassady and Johnson (2002) to determine if the participant experiences test anxiety (scores over fifty-four will indicate test anxiety). Participants will be administered two study conditions, the control and the experimental conditions. Both study conditions will be composed of an auditory lecture piece and a written piece followed by a multiple choice test over the material. The test following the learning conditions will consist of equal parts memory and comprehension questions. The control study will be allotted a study time during which they may use any notes or methods that they chose to prepare for the test. The experimental condition will differ in the incorporation of a study guide with a list of terms that participants may use during study time. Test performance results will be analyzed for differences within participants and between groups. It is hypothesized that scores in the study-guide condition will be higher than in the control group. Results have yet to be found, as research has yet to be conducted. The findings from this research can help provide a more comprehensive picture of test anxiety and can lead to future interventions to improve study habits and test performance for those who are affected by TA.

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