Ursidae: The Undergraduate Research Journal at the University of Northern Colorado


Ryanne Hill

Faculty Sponsor

Kage, Katie


The field of nutrition education and counseling is continually expanding. It is important for individuals who practice within this field to have confidence in their ability to relay nutritional advice. The University of Northern Colorado's ROTC program paired with dietetics and nutrition, seeking students to provide nutrition education and support. The goal of the ROTC Nutrition Program is to improve the nutritional knowledge of cadets as well as improve the interviewing and counseling ability of the nutrition or dietetic student involved. This program is beneficial to nutrition and dietetics students because most careers in their field include counseling or education. This study tracked the perceived confidence of 33 counselors over the two years of the program's implementation. The nutrition counselor completed a pre-assessment nutrition counseling confidence questionnaire and participated in a post-assessment focus group at the end of the semester. Through comparing quantitative pre-assessment confidence questionnaires and post-assessment qualitative focus group data, perceived confidence levels could be analyzed. Through assessment, data showed a significant increase in perceived confidence by nutrition counselors. This research provides valuable information on techniques to improve confidence of nutrition educators and counselors.

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