Value Beyond Cost Savings: Unlocking Diversity, Equity and Inclusion with Open Educational Resources

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The cost savings offered by the use of Open Educational Resources (OER) have garnered significant attention. As free teaching, learning, and research materials, OER reduce financial barriers to education by eliminating textbook costs. However, fewer people are aware that OER also contribute to a more inclusive learning environment. This session explores the value of OER beyond financial benefits, delving into how OER, as free and accessible resources, play a role in building an inclusive educational landscape. From embracing diverse perspectives in content creation to providing the opportunity to tailor course materials to students’ specific needs, this presentation uncovers the many ways that OER can contribute to equity in education.


“Value Beyond Cost Savings: Unlocking Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion with Open Educational Resources” by Nancy A. Henke is licensed under CC BY 4.0 unless otherwise noted.

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