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About Scholarship & Creative Works @ Digital UNC

Scholarship & Creative Works @ Digital UNC is an institutional repository (IR) that focuses on preservation of and access to research, scholarship, and creative works produced by the University of Northern Colorado community. As an open access service, the repository offers free, persistent, and reliable access to our scholarly, educational, and creative output. It increases the visibility and impact of the university and ensures its work is readily available to external scholars and the greater public. Scholarship & Creative Works @ Digital UNC strives to highlight the diverse voices and community collaboration of UNC's faculty, staff, and students and complements the university's central value of respect for diversity of thought and culture

Scholarship & Creative Works @ Digital UNC supports several initiatives detailed in UNC's Five Vision Elements in the Rowing, Not Drifting 2030 Strategic Plan. Not only does the institutional repository encourage community connection and the exchange of scholarly research and creative research across academic disciplines, but it also seeks to empower inclusivity and celebrate the diverse backgrounds and intersecting identities of our community members. A centralized repository allows our collective voice to promote UNC and Greeley with pride. UNC's IR highlights our institution's vision to be an engaged, students-first university that enriches the lives of those on campus, throughout Colorado, and worldwide