The purpose of this qualitative multiple participant case study was to understand the impact of a nine month collaborative literacy coaching (CLC) initiative on middle and high school content teachers’ sense of efficacy for literacy teaching. The CLC design used here consisted of a required three-hour weekly cadre session that incorporated brainstorming, implementation and reflection of strategies and routines used. An after school study group, one-on-one coaching and “field trip” opportunities were available and used as well. Data including transcripts of weekly cadres meetings, individual interviews, and initial and followup questionnaires allowed three teachers to describe how the CLC initiative affected them. Despite varied grade levels taught, experiences, strengths, and weaknesses, each case benefitted from the CLC in unique ways. Teachers identified particular components of the CLC that impacted efficacy development across all cases: collaboration, resources, time, and coaching. Indeed, the process of influencing teachers’ self-efficacy is complex and idiosyncratic.

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