Mixed-race students have often been overlooked in research regarding racial identity development. Current research tends to focus on models of multiracial identity development and its implications for college instructors and support personnel, but very little research exists to identify the needs of multiracial students while they are in primary and secondary schools. For this reason, the literature review seeks to ask and possibly answer questions related to multiracial identity development and K-12 schooling.

The literature review provided evidence to suggest mixed-race individuals experience monoracism and microaggressions towards their multiracial heritage both systemically and directly at school, in their communities, and within their families. There is a need for more direct support at school for healthy multiracial identity development among students; however, most school staff are ill-equipped to do this. Lastly, there needs to be more research conducted to determine the best practices for school staff to use to support healthy multiracial identity development.