Submissions from 2017

Developing Digital Project Assignments, Sarah Cornish

A Model for Flipped Learning 2017, Karen Hessler

Flipped Classroom 2017, What do Students Have to Say?, Karen Hessler

Submissions from 2016

Collaborative Learning Model: An Infrastructure for Experiential Learning, Kathleen Dunemn

7 Pitfalls to Avoid When Teaching Latino Students, Canales Genie

Applying for Community Engaged Learning, Deborah Romero

Engaged Teaching and Learning Initiative, Deborah Romero

Submissions from 2015

Level up Student Learning: Integrating Games into the College Classroom, Kristin Bovaird-Abbo and William Cuthberson

Just in Time Teaching, Part 1 - September 2015, Jeff Loats

Submissions from 2014

Flipped Classroom, 2014, Jerry Overmyer

Submissions from 2013

Flipped Classroom, 2013, Jerry Overmyer

Submissions from 2012

Supporting Students' Academic Writing and Self-Sufficiency, Sarah Allen

Universal Design for Learning, Rashida Bannerjee and Todd Sundeen

All the Classroom's a Stage, Andrea Falcone

Inquiry Based Learning, Gulden Karakok and Katie Morrison

Making the Grade, Deborah Romero, Andrea Falcone, Sharon Clinebell, Nancy Matchett, Robert Reinsvold, and Susan Hutchinson

Submissions from 2011

Assessment: Focusing on Learning that Matters, Kim Black, Jason Byrnes, Lyda Ellis, Heng-Yu Ku, and Jay Lightfoot

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